Beginner Lessons

If you have never played the harp or are just starting out, beginner lessons are available. I teach classical technique applied to modern music. I want to develop each student’s individual playing style to allow them to express themselves. The lessons are hands on and I aim to give my students the tools to be able to learn and arrange the songs that they like.

The harp is a great instrument to learn and can be played by anyone with functional fingers. The natural tone from the harp is beautiful and creates incentive to practice, thus making it a great instrument to learn!

Electric Harp Lessons

Playing an electric harp is quite different to playing acoustically and requires knowledge in many different areas of sound engineering in order to achieve a good sound from the harp. 

In these lessons you learn how to:

  1. -Improve the tone of your electric harp

  2. -What each effect does

  3. -What order to place effects pedals

  4. -How to layer effects

  5. -Techniques to use with each effect

  6. -Which brands to use

  7. -How to record an electric harp

  8. -How to perform live with an electric harp

The current rates for lessons are $60 an hour or $35 for half an hour. These rates will not last long. If you start on this rate, you will remain on it even after they change. These rates apply if you come to my house in the Hornsby area, however lessons are available offsite at an additional cost. It is recommended that you have your own harp to practice with between lessons. Rental harps are available if required starting as low as $30 per month.

Skype lessons are also available if your are not based in Sydney, Australia.